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Web Copywriting Services

Writimize works with digital marketing agencies serving small and medium businesses in a diverse range of industries, who are looking for completely fresh, original content for websites, landing pages, and microsites. You receive high-quality writing that resonates with your clients' audience, leading to more booked appointments and business growth. This makes your agency look like the hero and keeps your clients happy! Every copywriting project is written in the client's unique voice, so it's their personality that shines.

If you are a business owner interested in writing a book to showcase proprietary ideas and reach more customers, please visit the book ghostwriting page. 

Web Pages
Web pages

Web page copywriting packages are grouped by the number of service pages requested. Word count is 500600 words per page. Pages with at least 500 words are more attractive to search enginesplus, they just look more informative overall, which is what potential customers need to make an informed decision. If you require more than 750 words on a page, please contact me to discuss your needs further.

20 or more pages

$36 per page

10 to 19 pages

$53 per page

5 to 10 pages

$68 per page

Less than 5 pages

$85 per page

How It Works

After we have agreed to work together, you will provide an info sheet that includes:

  • A list of all the services your client wants to include on their website

  • The target city your client wants to rank for

  • A list of additional cities/service areas that need content

  • Your client's USPs, background stories they want to share, and any other information that will help them stand out (this makes the writing process much easier!)

  • I will review the info sheet and provide a turnaround time that works for the both of us

  • Once the timeframe is set, I will get started on the content—turnaround times will depend on the number of pages, but typically between 5 to 10 business days

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a little different from the typical service page or blog post. They read like sales pages and are designed to compel the reader to call you for more information, whether it's for a quote, free consultation, or other incentive. Landing pages start at $200 per page (typically 750 words).

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