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Need a Ghostwriter for Your Romance Brand?

Keep up with your publishing schedule! Have a book waiting in the wings, ready to launch when you need it with a ghostwriter by your side.

I have gone through the process of self-publishing romance myself, so I know how it feels: the need to constantly produce, the ongoing marketing, the potential burnout. I can help keep you from burning out by regularly providing quality manuscripts that match the tone of your author brand, so you can focus on your other priorities—marketing and promoting your books.

What to Know

  • My experience is mostly in new adult gay romance, but I can also help with M/F stories as well as other sub-genres including fantasy, action, romantic comedy, sci-fi, interracial, paranormal, thriller, and clean romance.

  • All tropes welcome: enemies/friends to lovers, small town, billionaires, royalty, sports, mafia, grumpy/sunshine, werewolves, etc.


The project will go much more smoothly the better prepared and more involved you are as the author. This means you already have an idea. You have the characters, the setting, and the premisebut you need a ghostwriter to "make it make sense" and put it all together.


If you need help with plotting, I'm here to make sure your story is structured to genre standards, but it's important that you, as the author, have your ideas ready to discuss. (This isn't one of those "Just write a werewolf romance and make it sell" type of partnerships 😄)

Word count: A typical contemporary romance is usually 50k to 70k words. Other sub-genres, like fantasy, may have a higher word count.

Rate: $2,500 per 10,000 words

What's included: The final product will include a formatted ghostwritten manuscript, line editing, consistency check, and proofreading. If you require additional rounds of revisions after the final draft, I can do so for an additional fee.

Turnaround time: For a typical 50k novel, a standard base point is 3 months. The actual timeframe will depend on your needs, how much material you have, and the level of brainstorming and outlining needed for your story.

Billing: For greater convenience, projects are billed monthly. For example, if you have a 50k novel that takes 3 months to complete, you will receive an invoice for $4,166 each month for the 3 months we work together.

Please note: I do not provide rush orders. Writing a book is an intense process (yes, even for genre romance) and requires a dedicated amount of time to ensure quality. Think of my ghostwriting services as providing an "inventory"or "savings" of manuscripts for your schedule of future releases.

Ready to Get Started?

Just shoot me an email at or complete this client form.

Sample Work

Feel free to check out my self-published romance novels on my Amazon page (under a pen name). My first book, Jackals Wild, reached #3 on the Gay Fiction Best Sellers list on Amazon and has been selected for the coveted BookBub Featured Deal twice so far.

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