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So You Want to Write a Tell-All Book? You’ll Need to Keep It Balanced

Lots of industry insiders—from education to healthcare to technology and everything in between—have a story to tell.

They might be fed up or burned out with the way things are being run, or have experienced a less glamorous side of the industry that’s not often known to “outsiders” or covered in the media. And they have every right to let their stories be known.

You might even be one of them: someone who’s on a mission to share your side with the rest of the world through a tell-all or memoir.

The most important thing you need to do is keep your writing balanced.

While most everyone likes a good tell-all, if the book turns into one giant rant, it can turn readers off. Readers want to know the “juicy stuff”—but they also want to hear it from someone who can offer an intelligent and nuanced argument.

How to Offer Balance in Your Tell-All Book

Your main argument should weave its way throughout the narrative, but you’ll also need to play devil’s advocate.

For example: a higher education insider wants to write about what really goes on behind those ivied doors. They may rail against the bloated administration, the lack of resources or support for instructors who want to make a difference, and the commercialization of modern education.

But they should also address the other side: improvements that have been made and how to further support these positive changes, examples of schools that are moving in the right direction and how others can learn from them, etc.

Presenting a balanced narrative will help publishers and readers take your story more seriously.

It’s not always easy to develop a balanced argument. An experienced book coach or developmental editor can help. If writing isn’t your strength or you’ve got a schedule that precludes writing time, a ghostwriter can provide the organization and structure your book needs.

No matter how you choose to write your book, keep it balanced and easy for your audience to digest.

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