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Manuscript Analysisentry-level option

A unique idea alone will not ensure a book's success. The quality of writing is one factor that can prevent a book from reaching its full potential in the marketplace. Respect your readers. Give them something that's worth their time and money.

This is especially important if you are self-publishing. Indie authors are held to the same standards as traditionally published authors. Readers, reviewers, and sales channels expect a professional product with a quality narrative. A professionally produced book tells distributors and retailers you have something that can help them make money as well, giving you an edge. You want your book to be regarded as a solid competitor among traditionally published works and other high-quality self-published books.

In some cases, a kind-hearted agent or publisher who passes on your manuscript will explain why they couldn't work with you and provide a brief critique. But these are often not specific enough. Moreover, they may sound harsh to a first-time author. (But hopefully not as harsh as "overwhelmingly nauseating," which Vladimir Nabokov got in one of his rejection letters!)

Fortunately, there's a low-risk, no-pressure way to improve your chances of impressing the "gatekeepers": with a manuscript analysis by a publishing insider who has your best interests at heart.

The manuscript analysis is NOT a critique, evaluation, or review. It will NOT tell you to "fix your grammar" (that's what professional editors are for) or tell you to "change the ending" (it's your book, after all). 


Rather, an analysis lets you know the marketability of your book in its current state.


The analysis emphasizes what you're doing right and how it can be enhanced to improve your chances of success post-launch. It acts as your personalized, strategic guide focused on giving you a clear vision to take your manuscript to the next level so your book is regarded as a serious product in the eyes of readers, agents, or publishers.

What to expect

I will read your full manuscript and provide an insightful, industry-insider analysis (report) with recommendations, including:


  • Discussion of your book's marketability

  • Your manuscript's strengths

  • Potential obstacles

  • Most suitable BISAC subject headings

  • An industry-quality log line

  • Specific action steps for you to implement in your writing

Ideal for... 

  • Self-publishing authors who want to know how to provide their readers with top-notch content

  • Authors seeking traditional representation who want to improve their chances of success when submitting to agents or publishers 

  • Any author who wants to know how their manuscript stacks up in the marketplace 

  • Any author who is on the fence about full-service ghostwriting

A manuscript analysis helps you decide on your next step, whether it's executing the recommended action steps yourself or choosing to work with a ghostwriter.

Estimated turnaround time: 10 business days

Investment: $1,000 per manuscript

All manuscripts undergoing analysis, whether fiction or nonfiction, are charged a flat fee upfront with no hidden costs. 

A manuscript analysis is like a health assessment for your book before it runs a marathon (gets published and launched)

The Process

1) If you have decided a manuscript analysis is right for you, please email expressing your interest in the service.


Since I only accept three analysis customers per month, I will let you know if I can get started on your project right away or give you the option to enter a waiting list. 

2) When we are ready to start, I will...

  • Request a copy of your manuscript (must be in MS Word format or equivalent word processor).

  • Provide a secure PayPal link for you to order your manuscript analysis.

  • Attach a nondisclosure agreement. I promise to keep your manuscript and your ideas confidential.

3) Once your PayPal order goes through, I will send you another email confirming the order. You will also be notified of the expected date of completion.

4) I will email you the completed analysis within ten business days. Expect an MS Word attachment.

If you have any questions or concerns during the process, feel free to email me.

5) Once you have had a chance to review your analysis, you have the option to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me to further discuss your manuscript or publishing in general.

A heads up! 

I only accept three manuscript analysis customers per month. If I am at my quota, new customers who order will be notified and put on a waiting list. I aim to make the process as convenient as possible for you!

Take a look at this sample analysis of a well-known book (not my real client). I cannot share samples from my own clients due to confidentiality.

Are stand-alone editing services offered?

Many authors ask if they can simply have their manuscript edited. While substantive line editing is an important step in the book writing process, a manuscript that hasn't been structured properly will not be marketable; line editing alone will not fix the source of the problem, which is often structure. 


As a result, I do not offer à la carte line editing unless you are confident in your book's overall structure. If your writing has not gone through at least a second draft, I recommend a manuscript analysis instead. This helps give your book its best chance in the marketplace.

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