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Do You Have a Literary BFF?

Writing can be an isolating experience. Your friends, family, and colleagues may not understand the actual effort required to complete a manuscript like yours. It requires real blood, sweat, and tears to produce something as soul-bearing as a book. 

That's what I'm here for. As your literary BFF, I'm on your side. You will receive validation for your book idea, accountability, and honest advice. I want to see you succeed!

Your Story So Far...

You want to be a published author—you're tired of being "aspiring."

You want your ideas respected—not someone to tell you, "I'd like it better if you did this..."

You want to give your book its best shot in the marketplace—and not passed up because of easily remedied issues.

You want a book that reflects YOU!

But You're Not Sure How to Approach the "Gatekeepers"...

I used to be a "gatekeeper"—that editorial person at a publishing house who decides whether an unsolicited manuscript has potential in the marketplace. The sheer amount of submissions that came in made me realize just how many authors are out there yearning for their stories and ideas to be heard.


Unfortunately, the majority will not get past publishing gatekeepers for a variety of reasons. These authors were passionate about their work, but they didn't have any sort of guidance and direction. If only they had a book mentor who could help coax out the potential in their manuscripts and make a gatekeeper go, "I can see lots of people reading this."

A Certified Ghostwriter Tells You How

This is where a certified ghostwriter comes in. A CG is a publishing insider who lets you know what your manuscript needs to be taken seriously by the gatekeepers. Or, if you're an indie author, how to be taken seriously by readers. 


Ghostwriters become an author's BFF during the writing phase.

Benefits of working with a certified ghostwriter:

  • Mentoring through the submissions process—I demystify the publishing process so you know what to expect from manuscript development through to book proposal creation and submission.

  • Friendly & honest supportWriting a book is an intimate process. You need someone in your corner: a cheerleader, a sympathizing ear, a counselor, a coach, a safe space to vent. (Yes, it can get emotional!) Most importantly, you need honest feedback that will help your book earn serious consideration from agents, publishers, and readers.

  • Greater confidence—You'll be armed with the necessary insider knowledge to face agents/publishers and tackle your marketing plan.

I'm here to listen, support you every step of the way, and elevate your chances of success in the publishing industry.

Your Ghostwriter

Stephany Tan

Certified Ghostwriter

In the publishing scene since 2007

Experience with boutique and academic publishers, including Red Wheel/Weiser and Syracuse University Press

Soft spot for horror/suspense/thrillers and alternative theories


Celebrated titles I've worked on (not ghosted):

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

#1 NYT Bestseller & one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010





Legends of the Ebu Gogo by Bill Prins

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner, Best in Science Fiction 2012

Born in Manila, raised in Miami, educated at Syracuse University


California State University

 - Professional Designation in  Ghostwriting

Syracuse University

- BA English Lit, Advertising


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ALLi partner-member.png

Subjects from past clients:

business leadership | legal thriller | love story | conspiracy theories | memoir | biography | aging | YA fiction | murder mystery | historical fiction | Native American fiction | spirituality | fantasy

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just write!

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