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Full-Service Ghostwriting

As your ghostwriter, I will guide you through the entire book writing process from start to finish, plus help you determine the best publishing option based on your goals (traditional, hybrid, or self-publish).

The one major benefit of working with a ghostwriter? Your book will be taken seriously by readers, agents, and publishers—elevating your credibility and reputation.

This is especially important if you are self-publishing. As many of us know, self-published books have the unfortunate stigma of being low quality. Let's change that.

We will work closely together to give your manuscript the all-important focus and structure. A book with valuable content, that is structured to meet reader expectations, is one step closer to achieving success in the marketplace.

The full ghostwriting package includes:

  • For nonfiction authors: In-depth interviews to discuss your experiences/topic points

  • For fiction authors: Detailed discussion of your story's plot, characters, environment

  • Necessary structure and organization

  • Complete ghostwritten manuscript in your voice

  • Line editing for maximum reader impact

  • A proofread and properly formatted manuscript ready for submission or printing

Together we will also:


  • Establish your book's selling points (and areas for improvement)

  • Discuss how to impress the publishing "gatekeepers"

  • Determine your book's place in the market

What to Expect From the Ghostwriting Process

Ghostwriting is a collaboration between the author (you) and the writer (me). So the more "hands on" you are, the smoother the process.


Preparation: The project begins with the both of us going over all of your existing notes, writings, ideas, and other materials. Whatever you have written down or in your head, feel free to share with me. There is no such thing as too much information when it comes to working with a ghostwriter! The more material I have to work with, the easier it is to deliver the results you need.


Summary creation: I will then take those materials and prepare a 1–2 page summary of your book. This summary is a high-level view of your story or narrative. I'll also include questions or recommendations here, so we can work out any issues.

Outline creation: I will also create a detailed outline. This is where the "meat" of the work lies. The outline will have the entire narrative fleshed out (plot beats, character motivations and arcs, B storyline, every scene; or for nonfiction, a chapter-by-chapter description of every topic).

We will collaborate on this outline as many times as necessary until you are comfortable with it. This outline will be our "bible" as we progress through the drafting phase, so it's important to have it as tight and detailed as possible. A strong outline will help us avoid having to make major changes, say, twenty chapters into the draft. If we have a strong outline, we will know everything that needs to happen and everything that needs to be writtenmaking the drafting phase much more efficient.

Drafting: Writing begins. During this phase, I will share each chapter with you as it's completed.

Editing: Once the complete manuscript is drafted, it enters the editing phase. I will provide line editing and a proofreading pass. Then the full manuscript is shared with you for a final read-through.

Final revisions (if necessary): If you need minor revisions after the final draft, I am happy to provide one round of light, sentence-level edits.

And that's a quick look into the process!

Estimated turnaround time: The entire process can take between 7–8 months for nonfiction with extensive interviews, and 3–5 months for genre fiction.


I do not provide a quote until I have had an in-depth discussion with you about your book idea. Fees are determined based on the scope of your project. But to give you an idea of what to expect, a typical fiction project costs $2,500 per 10,000 words; for nonfiction or memoir, please contact me to discuss your needs.

All work is completed in full confidentiality. Only your name will appear on your bookI will never ask for credit or royalties (this is why I am a ghost!).

There is so much that goes into writing a book. If you have any questions about the ghostwriting process and what to expect, feel free to email me at

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