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Book Proposal or Self-Publishing Plan

If your manuscript is already edited and ready to meet the world, awesome! You're at the stage where you likely know which publishing option you'd like to take and now need a blueprint for your marketing and promotional efforts.  

Traditional publishing: This requires a query letter and book proposal submitted to agents or acquisition editors. With so many examples and templates out on the web, creating these documents can be confusing. I will clear it up for you by helping you write an engaging query letter and an industry-standard book proposal.

Self-publishing: A self-publishing plan follows the same outline as a book proposal and will point you in the right direction. It is designed to be a business plan for your book and is used to show wholesalers, distributors, and booksellers you have a solid strategy to promote your book; it also quickly identifies your book's selling points to bloggers, podcasters, and book reviewers. A thorough self-publishing plan shows your professionalism as an author and reflects your book as a serious product. 

Book proposals and self-publishing plans are designed to help guide you during the launch phase of your book. They are not a substitute for a professional book marketer or publicist. I recommend seeking out trusted book marketing experts as well to give your book its best chance at success.

Estimated turnaround time

Nonfiction: 3 months

Fiction/memoir: 2 months


Book proposals:

Nonfiction: $10,000  

Fiction/memoir: $5,000

Self-publishing plan:

Nonfiction and fiction/memoir: $5,000

Why is the fee lower for fiction and memoir proposals? Unlike nonfiction, fiction and memoir manuscripts need to be 100% completed before you send the proposal. Thus, the proposals take less time to create since we are not working with fluid ideas—your story is already set!

Installments available

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