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Sample analysis

Take a look at this sample analysis on a published novel by a well-known author. (I cannot share samples from my own clients due to confidentiality.) The sample author and I have never worked together; I am only using his book to give you an idea of what to expect in your own analysis. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

You've got a beautiful new website—but little to no content and no time to write.

You want your ideas and concerns respected—not a know-it-all who doesn't listen to your needs. 

You want to give your website its best shot in the search rankings—not penalized because of duplicate content or too little content.

You want web copy that truly captures the essence of your business and your values!


Writimize is not a content mill. Every piece of content is crafted by me, or a trained copywriter vetted by me. We personalize the experience of content writing by taking the time to learn about your clients' business, and their goals and values. 


The more personalized and engaging the content, the easier it is to connect with readers and turn them into well-informed customers.

As your cyber ghostwriter I'm here to elevate your clients' chances of success onlinewhile elevating their admiration for YOU! If your clients happy with the writing, they'll be happy with you!  

For businesses serving contractors

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Convert visitors to leads and paying customers

  • Establish your business as a trusted industry expert

  • Watch your business grow!

This is a new service - details coming soon!


Book coaching is a less-costly alternative to ghostwriting. This is for authors who prefer to do the writing themselves, but still want guidance during the process. 

For book coaching projects the process will take about one year. The service includes an interview to organize your ideas, weekly meetings to review your progress, line editing, and an optional book prosposal or self-publisher's roadmap (at a discounted fee).

If you would like more information about book coaching, please email me at

Contact to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your business, your website, and how I can help meet your writing needs!

from Linkedin:

Many people have a book idea. But you've taken the crucial next step: you're serious about moving forward with your book and committed to seeing it in the hands of happy readers!

"Now what?" you wonder. 

You want to bounce your ideas off someone but may not have the emotional support available.

Or you have an amazing story that needs to be shared with the world but the whole writing process feels intimidating.

Perhaps you want a professional nudge in the right direction (or someone to confirm you're heading in the right direction!).

Maybe you're planning to self-publish and feel daunted by the myriad advice and information online.

You don't have to navigate the publishing landscape alone. 

Get clarity on:

- Your book's selling points and weaknesses
- What gets a book serious market consideration 
- How to create a powerful book proposal
- Action steps to take if you're self-publishing

My name is Stephany Tan, your personal guide through the murky waters of the publishing industry. Together, we will make sure your manuscript is positioned for success and bring you one step closer to achieving your publishing dream!

Happy to chat about your book: 

Subjects from past clients:

business leadership | legal thriller | love story | conspiracy theories | memoir | biography | aging | YA fiction | murder mystery | historical fiction | Native American fiction | spirituality | fantasy

Don't Have a Plot?

If you have an idea but no plot and need me to provide a beat sheet, I can help. Projects that require plotting are billed $500 in addition to the base rate. Turnaround time will also be affected.

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