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Do You Have a Literary BFF?

Writing can be an isolating experience. Your friends, family, and colleagues may not understand the actual effort required to complete a manuscript like yours. It requires real blood, sweat, and tears to produce something as soul-bearing as a book. 

You need someone in your corner: a cheerleader, a sympathizing ear, a counselor, a coach, a safe space to vent. (Yes, it can get emotional!) Most importantly, you need honest feedback that will help your book earn serious consideration from agents, publishers, and readers. 

That's what I'm here for. As your literary BFF, I'm on your side. You will receive validation for your book idea, accountability, and honest advice. I want to see you succeed!

I'm here to listen, support you every step of the way, and do my best to turn your idea into a marketable manuscript.

Your Story So Far...

You want to be a published author—you're tired of being "aspiring."

You want your ideas respected—not someone to tell you, "I'd like it better if you did this..."

You want to give your book its best shot in the marketplace—and not passed up because of easily remedied issues.

You want a book that reflects YOU!

But You're Not Sure How to Approach the "Gatekeepers"...

I used to be a "gatekeeper"that editorial person at a publishing house who decides whether an unsolicited manuscript has potential in the marketplace. The sheer amount of submissions that came in made me realize just how many authors are out there yearning for their stories and ideas to be heard.


Unfortunately, the majority will not get past publishing gatekeepers for a variety of reasons. These authors were passionate about their work, but their writing didn't have direction or structure.

This is where a ghostwriter can help. Many authors are "non-writing" authors. This means they have an idea for a book, but they need help turning those ideas into a coherent narrative. Or, they may dislike the writing process altogether and prefer to have someone else do the "technical" work.

No matter your reasons for hiring a ghostwriter, working with one will help you produce a quality manuscript that will be taken seriously by industry professionals; or, if you're an indie author, be taken seriously by readers.

Your Ghostwriter

I'm originally from Florida and have been in the publishing scene since 2007 (started as a marketing intern at Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing, then progressed to freelance developmental and copy editing.) 


I've worked as an editorial aide and freelance proofreader with Red Wheel/Weiser in San Francisco (where I also reviewed unsolicited manuscripts) and helped with marketing at Syracuse University Press (my alma mater).

From 2011 to 2023, I worked full-time as a copywriter for digital marketing agencies (specializing in the financial and home services industries).


Now it's time to get back to my book roots. I've always been fascinated by the topsy-turvy world of publishing. It's not an easy industry. Seemingly glamorous, but full of uncertainties, burned out agents and publishing staff, the fact that talent alone will not get you a book deal, and readers who keep expecting more and something different with every new book.


As an author, you become the protagonist of your own journey. You've got to overcome the obstacles and stay the course. Everything starts with writing your book. As your ghostwriter, I'll help steer you in the right direction, but you remain the captain of the ship. It's up to you to decide where you want your book to take you.



In 2011, I created the index for the  hardcover deluxe edition of Mark Nepo's BOOK OF AWAKENING, a #1 NYT Best Seller & one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2010



Select titles I've proofread include:

WHAT THE ANIMALS TAUGHT ME - by Stephanie Marohn (essay collection, Hampton Roads Publishing)

WE'VE NEVER BEEN ALONE - by Paul Von Ward (religion, Hampton Roads Publishing)

THE 12 SECRETS OF HIGHLY CREATIVE WOMEN JOURNAL - by Gail McMeekin (self-help, Conari Press)

MAYNARD JACKSON: A BIOGRAPHY - by Robert A. Holmes (Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing)

LEGENDS OF THE EBU GOGO - by Bill Prins (YA, Barnhardt & Ashe Publishing)

MAGIC & PASTA - by Nadya Giusi (fictionalized memoir, independently published)

Stephany Tan

I'm an author myself! I write romantic comedies under a pen name:

Jackals Wild, my first book, reached #3 in a competitive category on Amazon's Best Sellers list and has been selected for the coveted BookBub Featured Deal twice so far.

I’m so proud of the final product. I never would have been able to finish this without your help. I even showed the final draft to my wife, and she loved it!

Business owner, ghostwriting client

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